World Changer Month

Are you a World Changer?
We’d love to know you!
Do you know a World Changer?
We’d love to know them, too!

  • Please sumbit a 1-3 minute video (below) telling us about yourself and how you’re making a difference in your community. What makes you a World Changer?
  • Please note that we will share all of your submissions here with the community.
  • On the 1st of each month, a new person will be chosen as the World Changer of the Month!
  • We will also have a World Changer of the Year – Our community will vote on the Monthly World Changers and we’ll spotlight you in your very own World Changers segment and help get the word out about you. So please come back and help us pick a winner!
  • We’d like to state that even though we can only pick one of you per month. we think you’re all great and appreciate any kindness you give each other in the big and little ways. Thank you. Let’s continue to help each other make this a great world for all of us!

Submit Your Video

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