George D. Brown III

George Brown is a 2 time LA Golden Mic and National Emmy winning communications professional with extensive experience creating film and television content targeting local, regional, and national audiences. He is skilled in all forms of post production editing as well as conceptualizing complex television presentations. George is accomplished at creating media that educates, informs and entertains the world.
George started his film and television career in 1987 after a chance meeting with Michael Keaton on the set of his movie, “Clean and Sober” (1988) just outside Philadelphia. This lucky break set the wheels in motion for a career in Hollywood just 4 short years later.

In 1989 George left Philly to study at New York City’s School of Visual Arts as a Film & Television major. From SVA he broke into the news business at CNN & FOX as an editor. Soon after he transferred to Los Angeles, George picked up a National News and Documentary Editing Emmy for his work with FOX on a weekly TV news magazine “Front Page” in 1994. Just off his Emmy win George landed 2 feature films, “The Last Supper” (1995) and “Overnight Delivery” (1998) as and assistant editor. During this time working between film and television, he settled into an amazing opportunity that after 21 years he still calls home as a senior AVID Interplay Editor on “Access Hollywood.”

George’s Specialties include: News gathering, media research, communications strategy, content creation, celebrity pop culture reporting, television & film production.

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