David Fazio

David Fazio is the Author of Harmony at Work: The Business Innovator’s Guide to Profiting from the Growing Disability Demographic by Creating Meaningful Consumer Experiences for Everyone.

He is also the founder and president of Helix Opportunity, a business and organizational development consulting firm that facilitates inclusion the $8 trillion consumers with disabilities demographic in commerce, as well as creating cooperative work environments with employees of all different abilities.

His efforts transform the <$8 trillion consumers with disabilities market into profitable returns for clients.

They also remediate corporate culture’s to thrive, in an inviting, welcoming, and empowering, work environment, where employees of all different abilities achieve meaningful success.

David has participated in the planning and analyses of large-scale events, public works projects, product development, and other design strategies.

David is an experienced public speaker, having addressed the Financial Services Industry several times, the Information Technology Sector, Global Travel & Tourism Community, as well as corporate America.

Mr. Fazio learned to mediate, rehabilitate and facilitate inclusive environments as an American Federation of Government Employees Union Representative. His duties included litigating Federal Hearings of discrimination, mediating disputes, managing conflicts and strategic partnership advising.

David played a Shingo Prize award-winning role in the Lean Transformation of the United States Air Force during his civil service tenure. To reign in a new multi-billion dollar era of business and give new life to a dying industry for the Department of Defense.

He also has firsthand knowledge of the needs and wants concerning the disability community. David survived a softball sized hemorrhagic stroke, from a brain aneurysm on August 2, 1996. He has been active in many disability organizations and initiatives ever since.

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