Alison Marshall

Since age 5, Alison Marshall has excelled both creatively and technically, developing natural strengths in creative writing, poetry and understanding technology. From the start of her career, she utilized these areas of expertise to excel first in Marketing and Public Relations and, later, a career in IT. While working in marketing, she served on the board of directors for AD-Club Orange County, B/PAA (Business Professional Advertising Association), and on the Orange County Board for United Way Special Events. This particular branch of the United Way used the unusual and memorable art of sand sculptures for fundraising events in the Newport Beach area. After her transition into IT with a dream job at Imperial Credit Industries, Alison faced the difficulties of corporate downsizing an unstable job market. She turned these challenges into opportunities by continuing to hone her craft as a writer and storyteller. After the shocking loss of her mother and the excitement and adjustment of a new marriage, Alison found poetry flowed naturally as a form of self-expression. With the support of her husband, Alison focused her efforts on developing her writing and attending writing conferences in Hawaii, culminating most recently with her book, Jenna’s Tale: A Queen’s Story.

Alison has been a great support to World Changers from the very beginning.

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