Rogers Ssemitala and The Bombers of Uganda

Rogers Ssemitala is a professional boxer and the Bombers team captain.  He discusses how boxing has improved his life, and how he is working to give others in his community the same opportunities to succeed despite the economic challenges they face. Credits:
  • Written and produced by Olivia Nakate for WBS Television, Uganda
  • Narration by Scott Peterson, World Changers Entertainment, Inc.

About the Creator Olivia Nakate

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Olivia Nakate is a sports journalist in Uganda.  She graduated from Makerere University with a Bachelor in Journalism and Communication and worked for WBS television until January 2017.  She continues to work in sports media for LIFE TV, writing life changing sports stories which give a clear view of how men and women in Ugandan sports have contributed positively towards their country as well as benefiting others. LIFE TV is both a Luganda and English language television channel showcasing a spectacular display of the fastest growing and most dynamic television in Uganda. The channel has broken new ground in locally-produced television: when it comes to news, sports competitions, entertainment and other major events, viewers tune in to LIFE TV.

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