Widows of Conflict; Women for Peace

widows-of-conflict-women-for-peace There has been conflict between the Borana and Rendille communities for many years. Each tribe has been guilty of conducting deadly raids on the other. In this unique situation women widowed through the conflict have been brought together to engage in a process to promote peace. This video sets out the challenge, the process and the very moving transformation in the hearts of the women and the community as a result of this process.

About the producer Widows of War

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Sauti Moja (meaning “One Voice” for Peace and Wellbeing) promotes justice for all people groups, recognizing that global and local inequality is principally due to systemic oppression rooted in self-interest and lack of respect for the rights of others. Sauti Moja links donors to the community initiatives of indigenous people, like the Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania. These initiatives include education of vulnerable girls and children, HIV/AIDS prevention, and providing livestock to widows and single mothers. Local leaders have the power and ability to change their lives. We partner with complementary skills and additional resources to ensure their success!

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