An organic process for the audience

Imaginary Walls creates an organic process for the audience, allowing them to profoundly feel each person’s experience and naturally identify in any way that they do. It is important to us that viewers never feel manipulated or steered in any emotional direction. And rather than simply being observers, we hope that they come away feeling …Read More

Beyond Fear

As Aeeshah and Kokomon expressed in their book Beyond Fear: Sometimes our egos as adults get so full we can’t seem to let go and be humble and step aside and forgive. Our hearts grow hard, but love has the power to soften hearts. It is through the softening of the heart with the healing …Read More

Imaginary Walls

As Co-Founder of World Changers Entertainment, I am honored to be producing Imaginary Walls, a documentary about healing racism We have reached a time in the history of our beautiful world where we are seeing how the artificial divisions of race and culture not only divide us as people, but create deep limitations in our …Read More

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