The Mechanical Animal

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  • Produced by Leveler Media, Philadelphia PA
  • DP: Benjamin Webb, Patrick Blake
  • Editor: Ben Lieberman
  • Featuring: Tonia Hsieh, Hsieh Lab Staff, Temple University
  • Additional Camera: Andrew Quitmeyer, Multi-Agent Robotic and Systems Lab, Georgia Tech
  • Robotics: Aaron Johnson, Dan Koditscheck, University of Pennsylvania
  • Music: Podington Bear, Lee Rosevere, Broke for Free
the-mechanical-animal Temple University biologist Tonia Hsieh explains how she uses the unlikely combination of lizards and high speed cameras to develop robotic designs that are more capable of adapting to difficult terrain and complex environments. One goal is to further development of robots that may serve as first responders in disasters in which conditions may be too perilous for human response.

About the producer Leveler Media

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Leveler Media is a team of filmmakers, artists, and designers that brings a diverse skill set and a refined aesthetic sensibility to each project we take on. Our goal is to create something both finely crafted and richly human.

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